Alaskan Fur is NOW OPEN!

The clients, associates, and community of Alaskan Fur remain our top priority. We will continue to practice safe social distancing while offering our customers the personalized service we have for 93 years.

The store is OPEN for you to walk-in and shop and drop-off your furs for Alaskanizing & Storage. We are also offering CURBSIDE DROP-OFF and FREE IN-HOME PICK-UP of your furs for Alaskanizing & Storage. CALL 913-649-4000 to schedule NOW!

The online store is open with an ADDITIONAL 30% OFF the entire site and FREE shipping. Use promo code: STAYSAFE30
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Fur Storage

Professional Fur Storage

Storing your luxury fur with Alaskan Fur when you are done wearing it for the season will extend the life of your garments. As soon as the weather turns warm, preserve your furs by placing them in a fur storage vault where the air temperature is chilled and the humidity is controlled.

Furs Can Dry Out & Rip

Heat and humidity exposure are a fur’s worst enemies when it comes to fur storage. Heat allows the skins to dry out, which leads to shedding and separation of the pelts. Humidity if too low, will allow the dry air to evaporate the natural oils in the skins more rapidly, drying out the skins and if the humidity is too high, the moist air will cause your furs to deteriorate.

Home air conditioning is insufficient for fur storage, as humidity levels vary. Cedar closets are not advisable for fur storage. Cedar and moth balls can dry out your furs and will create lasting unpleasant odors on your furs, faux furs, leathers and wool garments.

Ongoing Maintenance & Repair

Before cleaning or placing your garment in fur storage, our professional staff will look over your fur garment and recommend any needed minor repairs, such as a small seam tear you didn’t notice. Summer is a great time to repair or restyle your fur coat.

Fur storage has never been easier, utilize our home or office pick up or if you are out of town you can use priority shipping to provide fast and reliable door-to-door delivery service for your fur garments. Alaskan Fur provides fur storage and cleaning services to customers nationwide.

For additional fur storage information, or to receive a personal inspection from Alaskan Fur your Authorized Furcare Specialist, contact us at 913-649-4000. Alaskan Fur for all your fur and faux fur storage needs.