Alaskan Fur is NOW OPEN!

The clients, associates, and community of Alaskan Fur remain our top priority. We will continue to practice safe social distancing while offering our customers the personalized service we have for 93 years.

The store is OPEN for you to walk-in and shop and drop-off your furs for Alaskanizing & Storage. We are also offering CURBSIDE DROP-OFF and FREE IN-HOME PICK-UP of your furs for Alaskanizing & Storage. CALL 913-649-4000 to schedule NOW!

The online store is open with an ADDITIONAL 30% OFF the entire site and FREE shipping. Use promo code: STAYSAFE30
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Fur Restyling

We all would love to change a few things in our wardrobe, especially those garments we just don’t wear anymore. A dated fur is a treasure that can be restyled into something new that you will love and wear often.

Fur is incredibly durable and when well taken care of will last for decades. Fur restyling is the latest trend and a great way to reuse the fur, let your imagination soar. Simple changes such as lowering the armholes or softening the shoulders may be all you need to obtain the look you want.

Alaskan Fur has experts to help you with fur restyling. Together we can find a fresh new style for your fur that you love for years to come. With our superb fur restyling techniques you can have a tailored fur-lined jacket, stroller or coat; even make your new fur garment reversible. There are so many ideas to use with fur restyling, such as creating a contemporary vest, a blanket, pillows, a set of teddy bears or other fur accessories.

While our master furrier specializes in fur restyling, we can also help with resizing, alterations, relining, repairs and more, guaranteeing that you will get the fit and look you want.

The off season is a great time for fur restyling; this gives the furrier plenty of time to perfectly remake your fur. If you decide fur restyling is not for you, you can always trade yours in towards a new fur.

Want more information about fur restyling? Call us at Alaskan Fur, your Authorized Furcare Specialist at 913-649-4000.

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