Fur Cleaning

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Professional cleaning and care will extend the life of your fur garment. Fur and fur-trimmed apparel should ALWAYS be cleaned annually, or as necessary, by a professional furrier like Alaskan Fur Company. NEVER attempt to clean a fur garment at home, use a commercial dry cleaner or solvent. Solvents used in standard dry cleaning processes may leave the fur flat or may cause the fur to fall out in some instances. Unlike cloth, which is cleaned by immersion, fur is cleaned by abrasion.

Wherever you purchased your fur coat, you may trust your fur care to Alaskan Fur, one of the nation’s leading fur coat cleaning and care experts. Our exclusive Alaskanizing® fur cleaning process has been developed through decades of experience and research. In the Alaskanizing® process, your fur coat will be tumbled in a drum with sawdust that has been soaked in a specially formulated solution that absorbs dirt and oils. Your fur garment is then glazed to bring out the sheen and make it soft and fluffy. Flat curly furs such as broadtail are pressed with a special type of waxed paper to give them added sheen. Fur-trimmed garments and fur accessories should be treated like fur coats and cleaned only by a professional furrier. The cloth shell of a garment with a removable lining must be dry-cleaned while the liner must be fur-cleaned as in our exclusive Alaskanizing® fur cleaning process.

If your fur coat gets wet from rain or snow, simply shake it out and hang it to dry in an open space away from heat. After the fur has dried, give it another shake and the hairs will fall back into place. If you spill anything other than water on your fur coat, DO NOT RUB the excess moisture away. Take it to your professional furrier for immediate attention. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN YOUR FUR AT HOME.

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