Fur Storage at Alaskan Fur

Storing your furs with Alaskan during the hot summer months extends the life of your garments. Heat exposure is fur’s worst enemy. Heat allows the skins to dry out, which leads to shedding and separation of the pelts. Home air conditioning is insufficient as humidity levels vary, and dampness will also cause your furs to deteriorate. Alaskan’s state-of-the-art fur storage vaults are heat and moisture controlled to ensure the best conditions for off-season storage.

Additional Details

One of the beautiful attributes of mink fur coats (and most other fur coats) is that they may be worn with pleasure for many years – as long as they receive proper care. During warm-weather, it is important to store fur coats in a professional, climate controlled cold storage facility to prevent the skins from drying out and to protect against insect and heat damage. Alaskan Fur Company is among the leading professional furriers with its own climate controlled on-premise fur storage facility. Our fur storage vault is insect free and climate controlled at temperatures and humidity levels lower than residential climate control standards. Ideal cold storage for the protection of fur coats is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity levels between 45 and 50%. Another benefit of storing your fur at Alaskan Fur Salon is that your fur coat will be properly stored on a broad-shouldered hanger in a secured vault with adequate space.
During the wearing season, keep your fur coat in a cool, dark closet. Allow sufficient space around your fur coat for proper air circulation. To prevent the plush fur guard hairs from being crushed, never store your fur garment in a plastic or cloth bag. Never store your fur coats in mothballs or a cedar closet.

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