Fur Repair At Alaskan Fur

Alaskan Fur Company has its own tailoring factory with modern and traditional tools of the craftsman’s trade and a staff of fur finishers experienced in handling fur coats and leather jackets. Repairing garments of fur or leather pelts and skins is not like mending cloth garments. Repairs made from the outside are inadequate to the long-term utility of your fur coat. Proper repairs require the coat be opened and the lining removed. Sewing must be done from “inside” with a heavy needle and heavy-duty thread. Most tailors, seamstresses and sewing mavens are not versed in the proper methods for opening and sewing fur garments. For lasting repairs fur apparel should be taken to a professional furrier like you will find at Kansas City-based Alaskan Fur Company. Alaskan Fur offers a fur repair service that can give you peace of mind knowing the repairs were guided by experience.

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