Alaskanizing/Fur Cleaning

Fur Cleaning at Alaskan Fur


Our exclusive Alaskanizing process will add years of life to your fur. Our process goes far beyond just cleaning the fur and lining. When you Alaskanize, essential oils are replenished, restoring your fur to its original beauty and luster. Alaskanizing also reduces shedding in long-haired garments. We recommend Alaskanizing at the end of every wearing season. Alaskan also has a full-service cleaning department for all leather and suede garments.


Professional cleaning and care will extend the life of your fur garment. Fur and fur-trimmed apparel should ALWAYS be cleaned annually, or as necessary, by a professional furrier like Alaskan Fur Company. NEVER attempt to clean a fur garment at home, use a commercial dry cleaner or solvent. Solvents used in standard dry cleaning processes may leave the fur flat or may cause the fur to fall out in some instances. Unlike cloth, which is cleaned by immersion, fur is cleaned by abrasion.[divider]

Fur Storage at Alaskan FurFur Storage

Storing your furs with Alaskan during the hot summer months extends the life of your garments. Heat exposure is fur’s worst enemy. Heat allows the skins to dry out, which leads to shedding and separation of the pelts. Home air conditioning is insufficient as humidity levels vary, and dampness will also cause your furs to deteriorate. Alaskan’s state-of-the-art fur storage vaults are heat and moisture controlled to ensure the best conditions for off-season storage.

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