A Passion For Fur

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Alaskan Fur Company is owned, operated and staffed by individuals whose love for natural fur coat fashions runs deep in our DNA. There is a lot to love about fur coats and the Alaskan fur coat stores. Fur is naturally warm. Human technology has yet to manufacture a synthetic product better able to protect against winter’s harsh cold than what nature created for furbearing animals. Fur is soft and sensual. There is nothing like the enveloping luxury that makes a fur coat so irresistible to the touch and yet so light relative to its dense lushness. Fur never goes out of style. It has been the natural fiber of choice in cold weather climates since before recorded history. Fur is versatile. Fur is worn by fashionistas literally everywhere. Whether it is a fur jacket or vest with blue jeans to a high school football game, a mink fur stroller with a cool going-out dress to a favorite restaurant, or a full-length mink or sable fur coat with a glam gown to the most important society ball, there is a fur and a fur style right for the moment. Fur is a great long-term value. Despite its luxurious look and feel, fur is a naturally durable fiber. The more practical furs, such as beaver, mink and raccoon make particularly long-lasting fur coats. Alaskan mink coats are often passed down from one generation to another. With proper care, fur coats and jackets can be enjoyed, recycled and re-styled to bring years upon years of pleasure.


If you are looking for natural material outerwear to keep you comfortable and cozy, a natural fur coat is your answer. We are eager to help you find the fur (click for description of furs) and fur coat style that is just right for you. It is important to know that fur coat prices vary widely based on the quality and rarity of the fur as well as the length, style and design of the garment. Alaskan Fur fashion consultants are especially sensitive to first-time fur buyers. Alaskan Furs’ selection of beautiful fur coats range from lovely, yet modestly priced fur and leather coats from under $1,000 to head-turning, ultra-luxe furs with eye-popping prices. Regardless of price, our commitment is always to assure you of exceptional value. Let Alaskan Fur demystify the shopping experience. Whether you are an online shopper or prefer the more personal experience of shopping in our Kansas City fur salon at our flagship Overland Park location or a fur salon in your hometown, we encourage you to speak with an Alaskan Fur fashion consultant. At our Alaskan Fur Coat stores, we want you to buy a coat you will love and wear with pleasure.

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