When considering a natural fur coat, determining the fur that is right for you and right for your wardrobe is an important consideration. Most first-time fur shoppers at Alaskan Fur choose either a versatile sheared mink or traditional ranch mink coat. Mink has been the gold standard for fur coats and will always be in style. Shoppers who are more adventurous or who are expanding their wardrobes with different fur coats uniquely appropriate to certain occasions will have a number of excellent choices. To help you decide which fur is right for your first or next fur coat, your fur professionals at Alaskan Fur offer a description of the unique attributes of furs available in our Kansas City fur salon and in our online gallery.
Beaver. This semi-aquatic builder of dams and wilderness icon is a highly desirable fur. Natural beaver is known for its very long, lustrous hair. Sheared beaver is a favorite with designers who create elaborate, surface effects of varying color and pattern.
Chinchilla. Originally from South America, chinchilla is now farm-raised in the Americas and in Europe. Chinchilla’s appeal is in its silky softness (in fact no fur is softer). Because it is among the more delicate and luxurious furs, it should be considered for occasional wear. Its natural grey-slate blue color gives it a regal character.
Coyote. Befitting its wily reputation, coyote fur is hardy, dense and durable. Creamy tan or grey in color, it is particularly popular for men's jackets. Fisher. An unusual wild North American fur, fisher is longhaired, dark and silvery.
Fox. The majority of fox fur sold in North America is farm-raised (often from Scandinavia), and is available in a wide range of natural colors, including silver, crystal blue, red, grey and white. This luxurious fur makes an ideal trim for collars, cuffs, wraps and stoles.
Lamb. Lamb, though not generally considered as exotic, is the fur with perhaps the most distinct variety of international personalities: Russian broadtail is sleek, lightweight, shiny and flat with a slight wavy moiré appearance. Mongolian lamb fur is both longhaired and curly. Often white, its silky hair is frequently dyed in a kaleidoscope of hues. Mouton is sheared closely for a soft, thick flat fur. Persian lamb is farmed in Asia and South Africa. It is prized for its soft, wavy curls with natural colors of black, brown and grey. Shearling is natural lamb with the leather side sueded or leatherized and worn on the outside, and the curly fur worn as a lining.
Lynx. Wildly furry, lynx has an exaggerated edge to it and is indigenous to both North America and Russia. The whiter the fur is, the higher its value. Marten. A close cousin to Russian sable, American marten has long silky hair and varies from dark brown to golden in color. Baum is softer, silkier and shinier than American and Stone, the finest variety, has a bluish-brown coat and pale underfur.
Mink. Mink, the all-time diva of furs, is currently more popular than ever. Soft and lightweight with lustrous guard hair and dense, soft underfur, mink is primarily farm-raised. Female pelts are smaller in size and have a softer, silkier feel than the larger male pelts. Mink is available in a wide range of natural colors and may be sheared for a sporty, casual look. It is a very durable fur despite its luxurious look.
Nutria. Found mainly in Argentina and the Southern USA, it is also farmed in Poland and the Czech Republic. Similar to beaver, it is often sheared for a sporty, more lightweight feel. Because its underfur is very soft and plush and its fur can be dyed in a variety of shades, nutria is a popular fur for linings and trims.
Rabbit. Rabbit generally has medium length guard hair in a variety of natural colors and is often sheared or grooved. Raccoon. Long gray/black guard hair with silvery tips over a woolly, dense underfur makes it a durable fur. Finn raccoon has long, thick tan guard hair with black tips and dense underfur.
Rex. The Rex rabbit is a breed developed in France nearly 100 years ago. Rex fur is recognized for its dense, plush, velvety texture.

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