Fur is a fashion statement. At the same time, fur is also warm, luxurious, and captivating. Fur is worn on the runways in New York and Paris and seen as a prized addition to any contemporary wardrobe. It has been said before that not every fur coat is a full-length mink coat. With so many different lengths, colors, and styles to choose from, fur has become increasingly sought after by fur enthusiasts and the fashion-forward across the globe. But, as with a classic mink coat, each fur you buy should be treated as an investment that will last a lifetime.

Some men and women buy themselves fur coats, vests, and accessories because they love the rich look and feel of fur, as well as the warmth. Others come into possession of furs as they are generously bequeathed to the next generation. Still, there are others that are given a gift of fur by a spouse or special someone in their lives.

Why is fur considered such an investment? This is an excellent question. If you’ve ever wrapped yourself in a full-length fur coat before braving the crushing cold on a day in January, you know that nothing is as warm and elegant as a fur coat. Genuine fur coats for women and men is a natural product. There isn’t a man-made synthetic fur substitute that is able to reproduce the physical structure or tactile quality that genuine fur offers. As a garment, fur is also incredibly durable and long-lasting – unrivaled in its ability to weather the decades, as well as the elements.

Due to the fine nature of fur, it is essential that fur owners care for their fur garments in a manner that will allow the fur to last and remain elegant over the decades. Many who possess fur coats prefer to store their fur in a furrier’s climate-controlled vault for the summer. They also trust a specialist to clean them – never taking it to a dry cleaner.

At Alaskan Fur in Overland Park, we’re proud to be one of America’s oldest, largest and one family owned furrier. Every fur is precious to us. Every customer is important. So, to help prolong the life of your fur investment – or, perhaps, to better preserve that heirloom fur handed down to you by a family member – we offer a number of fur-care tips and seasonal storage during the warm-weather months. Feel free to contact Alaskan Fur with any questions or concerns about protecting the life and the value of your fur.

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