Whether you’re searching for the perfect fur garment to add to your wardrobe or you were given your mother’s fur coat as a family heirloom, choose a furrier with experience for your timeless treasures.

Look for a furrier who carries a large selection of quality furs. A furrier who will assist you in selecting a fur that best fits your lifestyle. The furrier should help you care for your furs by offering cleaning, storage and repair services.  Since furs are an important part of your fashion wardrobe and often have sentimental value make sure you choose an experienced furrier to do any remodeling. You want to select a reliable master furrier.  It’s best to ask the furrier to see some restyled samples.

Looking for a new fur?  Alaskan Fur is a furrier that specializes in making customers happy with the way their furs look and feel on them.  Monogramming your new fur is a complimentary furrier service we offer.  As a renowned furrier we believe, that when our customers look good, our furriers look good.

A furrier can offer the proper care of your garments which can prolong the life of your furs. As your furrier we’ll help care for your furs. When your furs come in for Alaskanizing (cleaning, oiling and glazing) and storage, our furrier will examine them for any needed repairs.

Inevitably styles change frequently.  Perhaps you just don’t wear your fur anymore; your furrier may suggest that you trade it in on a new one. If your coat is in good condition, a professional furrier can easily restyle a garment.

Interested in restyling your fur? Alaskan Fur’s master furrier will meet with you to create a new look. Updating the style, fit or making home décor, such as pillows, blankets or teddy bears, are all suggestions our furrier will make. Our furrier has many new styles for restyling. Of course, estimates by our furrier are free. The best time to have the furrier restyle your fur is during the spring and summer months.

Coat not fitting properly? Let our furrier assist. Resizing services, such as shortening the hem or sleeves, are routinely performed by our master furrier.  Simple fixes like seams, hooks and buttons are quickly repaired by our furrier.

Our goal as a furrier is for you to enjoy wearing your furs.

Alaskan Fur, Kansas City’s foremost furrier, has been serving customers since 1926 and aspires to be your furrier of choice. If you have any questions about our furrier services call 913-649-4000 or email us at info@alaskanfur.com.

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