If you have been following the Fall 2015-Winter 2016 fashion runways, you know that fur is definitely here to stay! This being the case, it crucial that you implement a professional fur care regime, to extend their longevity and to ensure your furs are up to the job of keeping you warm season after season.

Clearing Some Fur Space

In season, when your fur is a must have shield blocking out freezing temperatures and driving snow, the use of proper broad shouldered hangers and devoting ample real estate in your closet to avoid crushing your fur is a wise place to start. Gaining extra closet space is a daily battle for many fashion lovers so, an easy way to add valuable real estate, in the off season, is to send your furs off to “camp” ….otherwise known as fur storage at Alaskan Fur.

Shed Some Light on Fur Storage

Did you know that intense light, heat and moisture are like kryptonite to your fur coat? Even though natural fur is one of the most durable and forgiving fabrics for fashion, special consideration needs to be exercised when caring for your fur clothes. Other crucial fur care no-nos to remember are that plastic coverings are toxic to your fur due to lack of air circulation which causes cracking. Similar results can be expected from storing fur garments in non-temperature and humidity controlled areas. And, although many believe that cedar lined closets are suitable for fur storage, the truth is that the wood in these closets draws moisture from the air, thus adding to the premature drying and aging of your fur.
Show your furs that you love them by having them professionally pampered at Alaskan Fur! For additional Fur Care and Fur Storage information contact us at 913-649-4000 or at info@alaskanfur.com.

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