I am still thanking my fur garments for keeping me warm during the bone chilling temperatures we experienced this last winter. Fur remained a fashion staple in Kansas City this past fashion season and is growing in popularity. Keep your furs in tip top shape by giving them professional fur care during the off season.

Warmth Doesn’t Always Mean Fur Love

Temperature matters when it comes to keeping your furs lustrous and supple. Keeping your furs in an environment that’s too warm or moist can cause damage; too cold temps can be drying and result in brittleness. Trust Alaskan Fur your fur care professional to remove all the guess work and help you maintain your investment. Not only will your furs be in a vault during the off season (traditionally April- October) to keep them at the optimal temperature and humidity, we can also restore the suppleness, natural oils and texture by Alaskanizing your furs, a process much like a deep conditioning for hair.

Sew That Fur

Now is the time to care for your fur, get any loose seams or rips repaired. This fur care will prevent minor problems from becoming more expensive, major problems.

Get Creative With Fur

During the fur off season, why not get your creative juices flowing and think of restyling or remodeling the fur jacket or coat you aren’t wearing. Revamping an old fur coat is a wise investment as you’ll have a new fur piece with breaking the bank. What a better way to update your look for the coming season than by giving a quick style tweak to your much loved old fur. A simple silhouette shift, nip or tuck, allows you to create a fur style that fits your lifestyle.
You say love your furs, so treat them like you mean it! Have your fur pieces professionally pampered at Alaskan Fur! For more information about Fur Care and Fur Cleaning contact us at 913-649-4000 or at info@alaskanfur.com.

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