Your luxury fur coat is designed to be worn and enjoyed. These fur care tips will help you protect your fur garment from being unnecessarily weakened or damaged.

Fur Care Tip #1- Cleaning & Storage

Much like anything of value, a beautiful fur needs to be well maintained.
When you are done wearing your fur for the season, it needs to be cleaned and Alaskanized. Alaskan Fur stores furs in a secure vault, where the temperature and humidity are controlled to optimal conditions for fur care.

Fur Care Tip #2 – Repairs

Do you have any loose seams, rips or damaged areas? Have them repaired by a professional furrier as soon as possible. This fur care will prevent minor problems from turning into more expensive, major problems.

Fur Care Tip #3 – Hanging

Simple fur care; use a broad shouldered hanger for your fur garment, allow space around it and avoid hanging near heat sources. Never store in a cedar closet or with moth balls.

Fur Care Tip #4 – Storage bags

Thinking of using a garment bag? Whether you choose cloth or plastic bags, only use a garment bag to transport your fur or for temporary protection. Your fur needs air circulation and you want to avoid breaking off the tips of the fur.

Fur Care Tip #5 – Wearing Habits

Use good fur care sense and avoid carrying heavy handbags or shoulder bags that can rub against your fur, crushing it. Before sitting down, open your closures so that your fur moves with you and doesn’t tear. Avoid spraying perfumes or hairspray on your fur, they may contain alcohol and can dry out your fur.

Fur Care Tip #6 – Wet Fur

Has your fur been wet by rain, snow or sleet? Gently shake it off and hang it in an open area with good ventilation, keep it away from direct heat. Once your fur coat is dry, shake it briskly.

Making good fur care choices can make a world of difference to your fur. For additional information about fur care contact Alaskan Fur your Authorized Furcare Specialist at 913-649-4000.

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