Alaskan Fur, your Authorized Furcare Specialist.

To extend the life of your fur it is very important to have your fur coats cleaned annually. To keep your fur coat looking it’s best, it needs be cleaned by a professional fur cleaner, not a drycleaner.

Even if you don’t wear your luxury fur coat often and while it may not appear to be dirty, understand that it is still important to clean it. The fur coat cleaning process will remove any dust, small abrasive dirt particles and chemicals that may be on the fur. Annual cleaning will help the fur keep its softness, its beautiful sheen and the pelts from drying out. Never attempt ” Do It Yourself ” fur coat cleaning.

You can trust Alaskan Fur, one of the nation’s leading fur coat cleaning and care experts to care for your fur regardless of where you purchased it. Our exclusive Alaskanizing® fur coat cleaning process has been developed through decades of experience and research; your fur coat will be tumbled in a drum with specially formulated solution that absorbs dirt and oils. Your fur garment is then glazed to bring out the sheen and make it soft and fluffy.

Fur trim garments, coats with fur linings, faux fur and accessories should also be treated like fur coats and cleaned by a professional furrier. Have any small rips or tears repaired prior to cleaning. This will prevent more expensive repairs later.

It’s easy to have door-to-door service for your fur coat cleaning by utilizing overnight couriers and priority shipping to provide fast and reliable delivery.

Rely on Alaskan Fur, Authorized Furcare Specialist for all your fur coat cleaning needs.

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