Fur vests are a must have for today’s fashion trend.  A great addition to your wardrobe; so versatile, the fur vest will accentuate any outfit.  With a variety of colors and designs available, you can easily find one that fits your style.  The fur vest is perfect to wear in the early spring, fall and winter seasons.

How do I wear a fur vest?  Multiple ways, you can dress it up or down!  Wear it with a simple blouse, slim jeans paired with heals or flats, of course when it’s really cold wear boots or Uggs.  Dress up your favorite cocktail dress, skirt or dress pants on your date nights. In the spring opt for a colorful blouse or dress.  For a great look in the colder months, do some layering or wear the fur vest under your coat as part of your outfit.  Long or short, dressed up or down with such versatility you’ll reach for your fur vest throughout the year.

There are many different fur vest styles you can choose from.  Do you prefer the long hair fur, a sheared fur or a lighter weight knitted fur vest?  You can fall in love with the natural color of fur or feel playful in a brightly dyed fur vest.  You can get two great looks with a fitted fur vest that reverses to silk in a solid color with fur trim. Fur designers, like Michael Kors, Zuki, Mary McFadden, Wolfie and Jean Crisan are all making fur vests.

Celebrities known for rocking their furs include Rachael Zoe, Molly Sims, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Clara and Garcelle Beavuais, Olivia Palermo and Kelly Rowland.

Stop by Alaskan Fur salon; and we’ll help you find the perfect fur vest.  Visit us on the web at www.alaskanmove.wpengine.com to see some of our fur vests.  Contact us at 913-649-4000 or info@alaskanfur.com

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