Not quite ready to reach into the back of the closet for that long winter coat? A fashionable fur vest is a perfect alternative to a full-length coat when the weather is cool but not so chilly that you worry about your arms getting cold. Slip a fur vest over a light jacket or a cozy knit pullover sweater and you’re good to go!

The fur vest is quickly becoming a fashion staple – having made appearances on runways during the Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week in New York this year and Paris Fashion Week after parties in France. A fur vest adds an undeniable element of style and sophistication to nearly any look. You can dress up a vest or you can wear it with a variety of casual apparel. Fur vests are popular around the globe because they are versatile, comfortable, and can be easily combined with an assortment of dresses, pants, skirts, and shirts. Play with colors, mix up the textures. The fur vest has been a part of high fashion for ages.

At the moment, the fur vest trend is getting a bump in popularity from celebs who are wearing them on and off the sound stage and the movie set. Fans of the fashionable fur vest include Heather Graham, Mary-Kate Olson, Rachel Zoe, Elle Macpherson, Emma Watson, Kate Moss, Mischa Barton, Liz Hurley, Olivia Palermo, and Ms. Rihanna herself. Needless to say, those who are adding fur vests to their selection of outerwear are in good company.

Imagine a Dyed Black Sheared Beaver Vest with a zipper on top of a Merino-wool turtleneck, a pencil skirt, and a pair of high heels. If it’s particularly chilly, you might consider a vest with a hood and a belt. Either would look stunning as you strolled along the walkway near Brush Creek – arm and arm with that special someone. And if you prefer the way that neutrals so easily complement skin tone and eye color, consider a Beige Rex Hooded Vest with a matching Fox Collar. The Rabbit Vest is an exquisite addition when coordinated with a suede-collared long-sleeve, a pair of distressed jeans, and your favorite Pumps. Or, perhaps… a Natural Rabbit Sections Vest is more your style. Each is a gorgeous fashion statement that’s warm and cozy on crisp winter days. But, more importantly, the fur vest – whether long fur or short fur – has the power to transform your look and make you an icon of the fashion-forward chic!

The fur vest is a prized addition to any wardrobe. Wrap yourself in incomparable luxury. Stay warm and look sexy. Alaskan Fur, one of the largest and most-acclaimed fur stores in the nation, carries a full line of fur vests and adorable accessories.

We’ll look for you strolling through Kansas City in your fur vest!

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