Fur coats are often valuable, and whether you have recently purchased one or have had it for many years, it might not be covered by your home insurance. You should understand how important it is to insure your fur coat with the proper insurance.

Before you insure your fur coat you will want to have it officially appraised. A furrier is often able to provide you with the exact type of appraisal you will need for your insurance company.

Once you insure your fur coat, it is important to obtain an appraisal at regular intervals. Check with your insurance agent on how often you need your fur re-appraised. Some insurance policies require it be appraised every two years. You don’t want to be underinsured, especially since fur values have increased substantially recently. Be certain to properly insure your fur coat so you receive fair compensation if something were to happen to your fur.

Talk your insurance agent for advice and details, inquire about deductibles and depreciation. Most homeowner’s policies do not automatically insure your fur coat. Usually, the insurance company will require an additional rider on your typical policy.

Alaskan Fur offers written appraisals for any fur garment regardless of where you purchased it. We will need to physically inspect your fur garment before an appraisal is given.

Having the right insurance coverage is essential to protect and insure your fur coats from damage or theft that is beyond your control. Instead of assuming it is a normal part of your homeowner’s coverage, it is important to talk to both your furrier and your insurance carrier to find out what your options are.

Have questions about receiving an appraisal or if you should insure your fur coat? Contact Alaskan Fur your Authorized FurCare Specialist at 816-241-6400 or email us at info@alaskanfur.com.

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