Leather jackets are stylish and an essential addition to every wardrobe.  Once you have a leather jacket you love, you will want to take proper care of it.  Genuine suede and leather garments require special leather cleaning and care techniques to keep them feeling comfortable and looking their best for many years to come.

Professional leather cleaning is recommended for all types of leathers.  Leather garments with fur trim should be treated like fur coats and cleaned by a professional furrier. Have your garments inspected for small rips or tears, loose hems or color variation prior to the leather cleaning process; this will help you avoid more expensive repairs later.  At Alaskan Fur estimates are free for any leather cleaning and repairs you may need.

Caring for your leather garments is fairly simple even while “life happens” events such as weather conditions, food or drink spills, makeup & lotions and natural body oils can cause permanent damage to leather garments if not treated properly. “Do it yourself” leather cleaning is not recommended.

Alaskan Fur specializes in caring for all types of quality leathers and furs. Our leather services include, leather cleaning, conditioning, storage, repairs, alterations and color refinishing.

Is leather cleaning important, if I don’t wear my leather garments often?  Yes, it is important!  Annual leather cleaning is recommended to keep the leather skins soft and pliable. Our leather cleaning process removes any dirt particles, chemicals or spots that may be on it, then the leather is reconditioned help replenish the natural oils in the pelts.

Once the leather cleaning and conditioning of your garments has been completed be sure to store them in a climate controlled setting. Remember that too much heat or humidity may damage the skin’s natural oils, thus shortening the life expectancy of your garment.  Never store leather goods in plastic or other non-breathable covers. Make sure you have plenty of space around your hanging leathers, to avoid wrinkles.  Is closet space a problem? Alaskan Fur’s secure storage vault is the perfect place for storing your leather garments during the off season. We make it easy by handling both your leather cleaning and storage needs.

Do not apply pins, adhesive badges or tape to your leather garments.  Should you have an adhesive badge put on your leather, it is best to let a professional remove it during the leather cleaning process to minimize the damage the skins.

Have a question about leather cleaning or care? We can help!
Alaskan Fur has been serving nationwide customers since 1926 with their leather cleaning and care needs.  Contact Alaskan Fur your Leather Cleaning and Authorized FurCare Specialist at 913-649-4000 or email us at info@alaskanfur.com.

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