A shearling coat or jacket is made from sheep or lambskin. Traditionally the leather side is sueded with the soft wool fur worn on the inside. Durable yet lightweight the shearling offers warmth, style and practicality.

Shearling care is not as difficult as you might think. Follow a few simple rules to keep your luxurious shearling garment beautiful for many years to come.

Shearling Care Tip #1 – Storage

Cold storage in our vault in the off season will help your shearling last longer. By controlling temperatures and humidity, we can slow down the evaporation of the natural oils in the shearling. Shearling care is much like caring for a fur; it is of upmost importance to keep the shearling pelt from drying out. Never store your shearling in a cedar closet, with moth balls or expose to direct light.

Shearling Care Tip #2 – Cleaning & Alaskanizing

Standard shearling care recommends annual cleaning of the fur side of shearlings to remove any soils and Alaskanizing to condition the skins. Have the suede leather side of the shearling cleaned only when you have visible stains. Do not dryclean or attempt to clean your shearling yourself as you could cause irreversible damage.

Shearling Care Tip #3 – Wet Shearling

Rain, sleet or snow will not damage your shearling if treated properly. The recommended shearling care for precipitation is to shake off excessive moisture; hang the garment on a stout hanger away from heat in a well ventilated area. If the shearling has been saturated with moisture contact a shearling care specialist.

Shearling Care Tip #4 – Wear Habits

Never put adhesive stickers or name tags on your shearing, as this can pull out some of the fabric when removed. Keep away from open flames or high heat sources.

Using these Shearling Care Tips will help you maximize the life and beauty of your shearling garment. Should you have questions or concerns about Shearling Care and Cleaning contact Alaskan Fur your Authorized FurCare Specialist at 913-649-4000.

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